Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Two Cents of Good Reading

by heavenly_angellourdes in photobucket 

"Christians are addicted to “answers.” For some reason, we think the ultimate favor we can do for the world is to explain the ways of God.

I humbly disagree."
~Chaplain Mike at Imonk~

"What is hindering your thinking? What preconceived ideas do you have that are keeping you from learning? What if someone revealed a truth in scripture that completely rocked your world? Could you be complacent and not even know it? Does he have to earn your respect before you even begin to approach the scriptures he teaches?"
~Serena Woods at Grace is for Sinners~

"The Crucifix is at once both jarring and profound. You are forced to acknowledge the brutality of crucifixion–it is not a pleasant, polite, docile image. It is shocking. It is almost…garish. It made me ask myself: why? Why the crucifixion? Why such a brutal, seemingly needless end to life?

The only power that overcomes the reality of suffering, injustice and evil in this world is love. Only love conquers death."

"In the hands of a sinner, God is a dangerous weapon."
~Hillary at Quivering Daughters~


Ayesha said...

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The Cult Next Door said...

Thank you very much for your kind comment!
Chaplain Mike, Serena, Elizabeth and Hillary are all amazing writers with profound insight into the Christian walk.
I highly recommend subscribing to their blogs.