Sunday, January 9, 2011

Spiritual Abuse Awareness Month

Lisa Bertolini of Soul Liberty Faith has shared an inspirational post on Hillary McFarland's blog Quivering Daughters titled Behind Spiritual Abuse Awareness Month.

Listed below are posts I found inspirational as well as my own story.
Please take the opportunity to share your own story in the Mr. Linky widget.

I can't go to church anymore by Elizabeth Esther

Spiritual Abuse and the Gospel by Hillary McFarland

I Have a Sign: Answering Spiritual Abusers... by Eric Pazdziora

I See Dead People by Tales From the Crypt

The Manipulative Power of Peace by Lewis Wells

Just Be by Serena Woods

Pimps in the Pasture by The Secret Life of a Bishop's Wife

Works-Righteousness by Any Other Name... by imonk

My Story:
Can't You See That I Am Dying?


Hillary said...

Thank you for spreading awareness!
PS...are you back??? :)

The Cult Next Door said...

you're welcome!
Thanks for working with Lisa to spread awareness :)

I have been toying with the idea of a new blog talking about the journey after the cult...:)

Wendy Lady said...

I think this is amazing! Thank you guys so much for raising awareness on the subject of Religious Abuse!