Thursday, January 29, 2009

Questions To Ponder

What would you think about a church or pastor that taped all incoming and outgoing phone calls of everyone without them knowing they were being taped, or calling up someone having them follow another in order to try to catch them doing something (according to the pastor) they shouldn’t yet saying “mark my words the Lord will reveal”, or sending someone over to another’s house to peek and see if they had a TV and were watching it when you were forbidden to own one of your own, or taking up offerings telling the people it was for the visiting speaker or for whatever reason and then go back into the room where the money was being counted and pocket some of it for other things, or cater to the elderly (complaining all the while) in order to get them to leave you their money when they die, or repeat to all around them all the secrets told them in confidence by their members as well as many things which they themselves made up in their own evil minds about people, or a pastor who knowingly came across a boy that had committed suicide and have all the evidence destroyed (including the trial notes the boy had written and thrown away in the garbage) saying it was an accident because they didn't want the police to come in and do a thorough investigation, or when a member leaves the church their kids are kicked out of school (although its school is open to the general public) and their kids school stuff is hand delivered to the members home in a paper sack on the weekend telling others that it was the member who took their kids out when actually the member specifically asked that their kids be allowed to remain.

How do you explain that to a small child especially when they have aunts and uncles still attending the church yet they cut off all contact.

These are only a few of the things I personally and many others have witnessed going on in a Dade City church.

Someone mentioned about going to the person and facing them. This has been done more times than you can even imagine. This is why the church has dwindled down to only a few. If this place was of God, where is the fruit?

These things are being shared in hopes that even one that’s still there might see this and would have their eyes and minds open to the truth as well as any new members to spare them.
Many things have been shared since we have all left and I’m shocked to even begin to think that someone calling themselves a PASTOR could still hold up their head.
I pray that God will have mercy on your soul.
By: Grace Awakening


NoJoke said...

Hi Grace,
It's been our experience that people don't really want to look at the truth until they are ready, no matter what we say about their cult-ridden environments. But we CAN pray for TRUTH to dawn on those loved ones who are still trapped there.

We who are free each had a defining moment that was our final-straw that helped us finally let go of the old world. Unfortunately those defining moments seemed to have PAIN attached to them. Pain, being the great motivator that it is, will help your loved ones let go too and it's probably the only way. But still, we can hope they get out by your testimony of what you've persoanlly seen and heard. THAT would be the best case scenario since we all hate the thought of our loved ones getting hurt and we want to spare them.

If the enablers that are still there would wake up and smell the coffee about what's going on then the abuser(s) wouldn't have a following. So we can pray for the enablers to see the truth as well and that the abuser won't have power of them any longer.

Donna said...

This is the one issue that keeps my mind dwelling on the old church, bad situations and all -- the fact that others are still in the system, still being deceived and what, other than prayer, can be done about enlightening them.

We just know that some left in these churches are facing daily confusion. They will state that the leadership is right and the critics are wrong - but we've been there. We know the private confusion and doubt and wondering.

I know that if I wrote a letter to any members still there, they would not bother with it because I am an outcast. But if a third party wrote a letter, maybe they would.

I'd be willing to write letters to entrapped members in far away churches for others in my situation. It might not do any good at all, of course. But it might chip away at the barriers against truth.

The don't talk rule is so strong that it's hard to break through with your own people in your own community, but it's easier with strangers in the same boat.

Only light can break through darkness.