Saturday, March 23, 2013


The week is wrapping up and I am blown away by the raw pain and redemption I have read in these posts.

Photo by Bree in Flickr

I will, as time allows, link the posts that are applicable to my journey.

Thank you, thank you to all the wonderful peeps that orchestrated and participated.

May our voices be heard.

We are Church Survivors.

When we criticize the church
So when we criticize the Church, please, please listen. When we criticize the Church, please understand our hearts. Most of us criticize the Church because it’s hurting our brothers and sisters the same way it hurt us. Because we love them too much to stay silent. Because we love the Church. Because what we’re saying matters. Please know that it’s easier to stay silent than to speak about the past. If we’ve worked up the courage to let our voices be heard, it must matter very, very much. ~Micah J Murray~

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