Friday, January 27, 2012

Worth the read: Matthew Paul Turner's "Spiritual Abuse Must Stop"

candle in palms 2
"Candle in palm 2" by Cdn in flickr
Matthew Paul Turner wrote a wonderful article titled "Spiritual Abuse Must Stop".

Worth your time to read, comment, and share with a friend. Spiritual Abuse is a subject that church leaders must recognize and confront.

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Genevieve Thul said...

I don't know how to get a hold of you any other way. I read your blog and I'm interested in having you write a guest post (if you're up for it) on shunning and how it has affected you for a blog series I'm doing on shunning. My blog address is and my email is gmthul at yahoo dot com if you're interested. My blog is about all kinds of things related to my faith journey, but I was excommunicated from a cult-like church (sounds similar to yours actually) 18 months ago and it nearly sent me off the deep end. I am finally ready to really talk about it.