Sunday, August 28, 2011

What I am reading....

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...Donald Miller. Again. The harsh editorial of women and sexuality was removed from his blog and replaced with an open conversation piece. Much, much more Don Miller-esque style. *Sigh of relief*

My focus, however, is not the sexuality dialogue.

It is the provoking post titled "Being Less Biblical and More Like the Bible".

Don starts by saying:
You’ll never see me roll my eyes more than when I’m reading an old-school Christian book. I say “old school” because these books are changing for the better, and by that I mean they are becoming less “biblical” and more “like the Bible” and by this I mean more honest, truthful and written with less pretense or worldly idealism.
He winds it up with:
Even Christ’s biographers depict Him without sparing us His humanity. He gets angry, He gets annoyed, He is hard to understand (and indeed hard to follow) and while He seems to love the world, He’s as alien as E.T., pointing always toward the heavens rambling about going home. It’s brilliant stuff when you stop reading it to figure out if you’re right or wrong about something. It’s life-changing, actually, the way your life gets changed by a friend over time.

Stunning thought...Don't read the Bible just to prove that you are right and others wrong.

Thanks, Don. Glad you are back.

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