Saturday, June 4, 2011

My story: Can't you see I'm dying (Part 3 of life in a Dade City cult)

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She came to my house at 10:00 that night and told my parents that they had to come to the school for a conference.

In the office, she called me a 'female dog in heat' (a bitch) lusting after the boys and leading them into sin. She said she could see the lust demons coming out of my eyes and that I needed to be whipped to save my soul.

She took my dad's belt and whipped me, telling me to pray at the same time that God would save me from my lust.
Statue . Sculpture . Cemetery (Blanche)
Photo byTiquetonne2670 in flickr
I could hardly hold my head up for days.

And in such a manner, life carried on.

Anytime she came into the school, I would cower in my 'cubicle', pretending to be busy, so I didn't have to talk to her.

Usually this just got me in trouble: I obviously had something to 'hide'.

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Um.... What the (*^$*&(^)*&*$@)(()@????!!!!!!!!! Are you serious??????? WOW!!!!!!!!! Holy crap! Um....and your parents watched? Youch!!!!! ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so sorry....