Sunday, May 8, 2011

And She Walked Back In....But I Hold Onto Hope

thur no walk danger
photo by jc_syzygy in flickr

As it was my greatest joy to say on the April 29th post that a friend had walked away from the cult it is to my deep sorrow to say that I received news that she went back to the cult.

I hold out hope though. She's had a taste of freedom.

I hold out hope because I left the cult behind.

More than that I have a Father who excels at the impossible.

Please remember her in your prayers.

In light of these events I recommend Lewis Well's post of  the only advice I know to give

And on the lighter side...I am "borrowing" this advice from Eric Pazdziora who borrowed it from RT@ Liturgy: "Don't join dangerous cults -- Practice safe sects!"



NoJoke said...

I feel your pain and share your hope. It seems like they get a yearning to be free in degrees and then finally they break free altogether. But watching the process can be disconcerting. I'll send up a flare for your friend that she'll break free sooner than later!

The Cult Next Door said...

Thank you so much, NoJoke!
It is hard to them slide right back in....but I am holding onto hope that the taste of freedom was enough to propel them to seek freedom again...absolutely send up the flair :)