Thursday, March 3, 2011

I am here and there...

I have been a scarce blogger since October- Life has a way of taking over one's time.

Mostly in that time I have been reading and healing.

And working to pay for gas.
And paying for gas to work. [SMILE!!!]

I do have some ideas for some posts...mostly just more "stuff" I want to say about healing.

I am going to share some of my favorite reads:

On the serious side:
The Secret Life of Grief by Hillary McFarland
Once again Hillary's writing shines on the haunting beauty of grief

Clean by Eric Pazdziora
Eric describes the glorious fact that we are indeed washed

This is where the healing begins by Tenth Avenue NorthI feel like dancing after listening to this song :)
dear unloved by Serena Woods
Serena describes perfectly the feeling of being an outcast

in light of all the furor Rob Bell has stirred up:
Lewis discusses with candor the Christianity's need to proclaim the burning side of grace

AND just for giggles:
If you need a belly laugh visit this site.
And no. They are not serious.

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