Saturday, September 11, 2010

Good Reading On Lukewarm, Grace, Hazing, and The Desperately Wicked Heart

Articles and blogs definitely worth the perusal time.
by Rebecca Walker
Heartbreaking article detailing the emotional damage when a parent is fanatically dedicated to a movement
by Hillary McFarland
The overwhelming burden of perfectionism
by Eric Pazdziora
This post resonated deeply with me as the leader of the cult I was in ranted regularly on this was a "one-size-shame-for-all" sermon when she wasn't getting enough parishioner's money, time or adulation.
by Elizabeth Esther
The title says it all...
by Tales From the Crypt (Meg and Burnie)
Leaving a cult can feel like being mowed over by a semi-truck...
by the Cult Next Door
Re-read my post about the hazing-like tactics used by the cult leader of the Dade City church.

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