Sunday, August 15, 2010

Two Must Reads: "A Counterfeit Appearance..." by Shari and "Stolen Hearts" by Lewis

Unless you have experienced this level of control over your life and choices, you can't fully appreciate the oppression. We were not free to choose our own wardrobe (especially the women) or hairstyles. There were rigid rules and restrictions. Long skirts and dresses were requirements for women (no pants allowed). We were expected to wear nylons (even in severe heat), rather than expose bare legs. Earrings were forbidden. Make up was considered worldly. Elbows and knees were to be covered. Women were to grow their hair long. Even nail polish on fingers or toes was a sign of worldliness and would result in disapproving looks, comments, and even public chastisement in the form of a rebuking "testimony."-Miss Oblivious Thinks Aloud-

All I can say is "Wow!" and then "Wow!" again. Shari Howerton, author of the blog"Miss Oblivious Thinks Aloud" wrote an incredible post on church leaders who have counterfeited the appearance of God and His Holiness. It is a Do-Not-Miss-Must-Read! Click on highlighted link to go to post.

Speaking on much the same subject blogger Lewis of The Commandments of Men writes:

Learned Helplessness results when the mind is conditioned to see a situation as "damned if you do, damned if you don't." In our situation, my ex was experiencing the hell her father was making her life, and would continue to make her life if she followed her heart (damned if you do), and knew that if she went along with her father she'd lose what her heart truly wanted (damned if you don't). Combine that with being indoctrinated her entire life to believe that her heart was evil and that she, as a woman, was created to be easily deceived, and these are powerful, crippling, downright paralyzing influences. When, in her eyes, nothing she could do would make any genuine difference, she gave up. She lost heart...all while attempting to console herself that she'd done right, being that her heart is evil. Works-based, false virtue had been stressed above and mistaken for character, and the fruit was made manifest in her life by crisis.

So powerful! As Shari said unless you have experienced control at this level it hard to appreciate the crippling affect it has on the human mind.


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