Sunday, May 16, 2010

Question on Coffin Proclivity:

Were Hamlet's Soliloquies successful?

a.k.a. Does blogging about spiritual abuse help or hurt?

Please tell me your opinion!


The Sensible Seamstress said...

I think it must help the writer to get those feelings out of his or her brain and into the world, and I think it must help others who might stumble across those words and benefit from them in some way that the writer can't imagine.

Margaret said...

I think it depends on what stage you are at. For some time after you've left the group, it helps a lot to talk about your experience and your insights, but part of the help is getting feedback about your story and your thoughts from others who've been through something similar. It draws you out of the isolation, helps you put things in perspective - this is huge - and helps rebuild the ability to trust, among other benefits. But then after you've been out for awhile, you find a need to put it all behind you and direct your energies more into rebuilding a completely different life for yourself, and blogging may become a bit of an impediment, or may become something entirely different, maybe more creative. Then even further down the road, you will probably find that you have learned a lot from your past and have something positive to contribute to others. Then blogging may be something you want to come back to again from yet another direction.

Sherie said...

I agree with what Margaret said. I think there are different reasons and seasons in the journey.

In my journey I have reached a place of such healing and hope that I don't blog much about me any longer, but have such a deep desire to help others grow, learn, and heal. I struggle because I look back on some of my past entries and realize the pain I was walking through when I wrote them. I needed the support and insights from others at that time, but now I see how they could also be fuel for the fire to someone else who is hurt, angry, bitter, etc. I have also grown in my awareness that the term "spiritual abuse" can be a barrier toward healing and restoring relationships. I am learning to change my vocabulary and speak much more now about those who have been wounded, broken, disillusioned, discouraged, and imprisoned.

Bottom line, I think we need to communicate about God's hope, love, healing, and good news instead of about man's shortcomings.

JunkerJorge said...

It helps tremendously!!!!!!!!!!

The Cult Next Door said...

Thank all of you so much for sharing your thoughts...for me blogging has been a way of "throwing up" all the toxic pain inside...I can't wait for the day that I can redirect some of this energy into a new direction...for now I guess I need a few more trips to the blogging "toliet"