Sunday, May 3, 2009

Friday Quote (on Sunday)

The human heart cries out to be free. Everything within us fights against the bondage of tyranny of oppression. Our souls were not made to live in cages of fear that restrict us from the joys of liberty. Once we get a taste of such relief, our appetite for more becomes consuming...true for God's people who have existed too long in the suffocating grip of legalistic demands and expectations.
-Charles Swindoll-
Grace Awakening
prison image bywillymac123 in photobucket


Anonymous said...

very simple and too the point--but so intense-the picture itself speaks a thousand words

Anonymous said...

I loved Grace Awakening, don't agree with everything Chuck says, but he has some great ideas about freedom. Interestingly, we bought the book a few years before we left the cult we were in, it wasn't until after we left that we found his book so helpful.