Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Forever Twenty"

When I wrote the previous blog Spiritual Hazing: The Fraternity Tactics of Controlling Church Leaders, I was unaware that February 24 would be the thirty-first anniversary of the hazing death of Chuck Stenzel.
Since February 24, 1978, Eileen Stevens, Chuck's mother, has worked tirelessly to abolish the rituals of hazing on college campuses.
As of 2003, forty-three states have outlawed hazing practices.
On the website, http://www.stophazing.org/, Eileen says:

"On February 24--we will have a quiet family gathering. My son Steven will light a candle in the church near his NYC apartment where my parents were married. A family friend Father Bill Logan will offer a mass. My grandchildren will visit Chuck’s grave--we will be thankful for each other--and reflect--and the day will pass.
But our hearts will be heavy and ache for the young promising life that was lost without warning.
The blonde, blue-eyed strapping boy,--who will forever be 20--is gone but will always be in our hearts.
Please know I will be forever grateful to all of you who strive to make our campuses safer.
Thank you. "
Eileen Stevens

kid and torch image by lilacwest in photobucket

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