Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another Beautiful Sunday!

Once again, a Sunday without PTSD!
Each and every Sunday free of distress is a gift from the Creator of my mind and emotions!
Here is the description of my first Sunday PTSD- free:

Amazing day- No effects of PTSD at anytime during church!After almost a year and a half of driving up to church and restraining myself from crawling into a fetal position, this is a red-letter day.
At my new church, the pastor recruited a Beatle tribute band named No.9 to play at the beginning of the service to illustrate the message series on love.
I will forever associate Beatle music with this very joyful day.
The sun of freedom truly came out for me today. Thank God!The abusive church days have lost a major battle today!


NoJoke said...

Yay! Kudos!!

When we first went to our new free church I felt like we were in another country, it felt so foreign. It also reminded me of when I first became a Christian Jesus Freak in 1974!

Here's to getting out of the controlling church, to getting free of all the remaining twitches we have because of it.

The Cult Next Door said...

Thanks! It is so great to breathe free air!